Enjoy the difference.

Mobilehead develops and operates job matching platforms across several industries.

We matched thousands of jobs and profiles this year across our platforms.


> 5.000 USERS

> 10.000 PAIRINGS

Some of the highlights of Mobilehead

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the way people and companies find jobs and candidates. We believe in smart technologies and mobile solutions. Our platforms are designed with integrity and simplicity.


Every platforms is individually designed to fit the needs of the respective industry. That especially counts for app design and business model.

Key partners

To scale up, we have at least one key partner with branch expertise and a strong network in every industry we enter.

Mobile first

We have a strong mobile first approach. All platforms are available on iOs and Android, but also on desktop.

Everybody wins

For companies, our solutions are cheaper than classic headhunters, plus we pass on a big piece to our users and to recommending friends.

State of the art IT structure

All platforms are highly integrated in the holistic platform structure. Our smart algorithms are constantly improving the pairing process.

Strong funnels

Lean funnels and homogenious functionalities across all platforms. Registration – Pairing – Match- Job.

About our first platform: Legalhead

„Legalhead is a game changer in the way law firms hire candidates. Every month, lawyers find new jobs through and get sign up bonuses from Legalhead.“ Dr. Clemens Reichel, Co-Founder

Finding a job with Legalhead is great. Not only is it easy to monitor vacant positions as long as wanted – and strike whenever there’s a good fit. After signing for the new job and finishing the trial period, the candidate gets 3% of his new yearly salary as well. This usually equals something between 2.000 and 4.000 Euro. At the same time, law firms save a lot of money, compared to using a headhunter.

Clean design

Easy to use interface, responsive on all devices and free of unnecessary gimmicks.

Smart algorithm

Tell our Algorithm what kind of job or candidate you want and only see what fits. Choose soft pairing, if you are a bit flexible and see jobs and candidates that only match 80-90% of your criteria.

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What our Clients Say (coming 21.11.2017)

Über Legalhead finden wir mittlerweile zuverlässig interssante Kandidaten. Wir konnten in diesem Jahr zwei Stellen erfolgreich besetzen und freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.- Testi & Monial LLC
Interimhead hat mir zu meinem bisher größten Projekt auf C-Level verholfen. Ich bin total glücklich. Dank Interimhead.- Daniel D. (CEO)
Medihead hat mich zu dem Arzt gemacht, der ich heute bin. !- Dr. Dr. Med. Peter Moor
Hotelhead hat mir den American Dream ermöglicht. Vom Tellerwäscher zum Hotelbesitzer!- Arnold S.
Das hier ist Testimonial 5. - Out of Ideas GmbH